Comparison: 2nd GEN to 3rd GEN

The MagicMic™ 2in1 Microphone (2nd Generation) and the MagicMic™ Microphone (3rd Generation) both offer high-quality features for professional recording, but there are some important differences between the two.

More Equipment

The 2nd generation 2in1 microphone comes with a basic set that includes two microphones, a receiver, windscreen, charging case and various adapters. There is also a gift set with an additional bag. On the other hand, the 3rd generation MagicMic™ microphone offers a more extensive scope of delivery, including headphones and various adapters for an improved user experience.

New Technology

In terms of technical specifications, the 3rd generation has improved sound quality with a higher signal-to-noise ratio and an extended frequency range compared to the 2nd generation. The transmission range has also been significantly improved, enabling a stable connection over longer distances.

Who is the 2nd generation for?

The 2nd generation MagicMic™ microphones are ideal for beginners and occasional users who are looking for reliable recording quality at a fair price. With the basic scope of delivery , it is perfect for hobby podcasters, video bloggers and online meetings.


Who is the 3rd generation for?

The 3rd generation MagicMic™ microphones are the right choice for professionals who demand the highest sound quality and performance. With their extended scope of delivery, improved technical specifications and a wider range of functions, they are ideal for experienced podcasters, video producers and musicians who strive for first-class recording results.